The Classic - portable headphone amplifier

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More volume. Higher quality listening.

The Classic is a powerful, portable headphone amplifier that will effortlessly improve your listening experience.

Learn more about what a headphone amplifier is here.

Each component has been intelligently chosen for high quality audio reproduction.

You will experience improved audio quality and clarity, and a boost in volume of up to 4.5x!

So if you are looking for a higher quality listening experience or just a louder sound, The Classic will suit your needs.

The circuit is based on the original CMoy design with considerable modifications to improve performance. And that's why we chose to house it in the Altoids tin, a staple of DIY audio enthusiasts.

We also offer this circuit in a tough anodised aluminium case with laser etched details, the Classic Black.

We also sell an upgraded version of this amp, the Classic PLUS. You can find more information about it on the product page.

Designed and made in the UK

Designed by electronic engineers and built in the UK, even the circuit boards are manufactured in the UK to very high standards. This is why we are happy to offer a 5 year warranty on all products!

Shipping is fast and free worldwide, dispatched from our manufacturing facilities in the UK. 

The opamp

The opamp is the very capable TLE2082 by Texas Instruments, regarded as the best implementation of the 08x IC. The amp is in a socket for easy opamp rolling, if you want to change up the opamp IC.

Designed to be portable

The simple one knob design with no buttons or switches means this is truly made for portability. You won't accidentally turn it on or off when it's in your bag or pocket! Just turn the knob to click it on, and adjust the volume.

Just one 9 V battery will keep this powered while you're on the go, and there's no LEDs to sap the power away from your listening.

A focus on sound fidelity

The Panasonic AM capacitors are designed for high performance audio, and in our tests they outperformed even more expensive components.

A lot of effort was put into the design of the power supply to keep the sound super clean.

Decoupling capacitors are placed as close to the amplifier IC in ascending order of capacitance. A solid ground plane has been used to separate the power supply and the signal elements of the circuit for minimal interference.

We use metal film resistors for minimal impact on audio, and German made WIMA MKS2 series film capacitors for decoupling and audio path.

The TLE2426 rail splitter provides an ultra stable, clean ground reference.


Tested with a 8.4 V rechargeable NiMH battery, TLE2082 IC

108 mW total @ 1 kHz sine wave into 8 Ohms (Dynatron SP3)

124 mW total @ 1 kHz sine wave into 16 Ohm (Vibes IEM)

140 mW total @ 1 kHz sine wave into 32 Ohm (Grado SR225)

206 mW total @ 1 kHz sine wave into 140 Ohm (B+O U70 orthodynamic drivers)

The Classic will drive nearly any headphones, just make sure the sound pressure level (SPL) is above 85 dB/mW on the tech specs for your model. The Classic has quality standard 3.5 mm stereo jacks for input and output. 

Battery not included. This takes a 9 V PP3 battery. You can use rechargeable batteries.

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