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Design and Product Consultation

AskewLabs works with clients to consult, design, prototype and manufacture quality circuits and products.

Musicians, engineers and businesses alike have had one-offs and full production runs produced from start to finish by AskewLabs.

Not just for audio products - AskewLabs have taken on and advised on a huge variety of projects.

One off amplifiers for home use do not require the process detailed below - simply use the contact form with your idea or specifications.




The process for a large project from start to finish usually follows a standard procedure:

- An initial review of the proposal - this often takes a day to a week and quotation for a feasibility study is available after this stage

- A feasibility study looking at possible options and implementations available

- CAD schematic/simulation

- CAD PCB design

- Prototype manufacture/test

- Production of unit(s)


In-house capabilities include CNC milling, small scale/prototype PCB manufacture and physical circuit testing. These facilities keep costs low and allows more flexibility during your product development.




Use the Contact Us form to discuss your project.