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The Amplifiers Are Out!

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The amplifiers using the new circuit boards are now in production and available to buy.

There are a few changes (for the better) over my last headphone amplifier design which are detaied in my last blog post and the overall production cost has been reduced.

Worldwide shipping is still 10 GBP. Shippling inside the UK is free.

The new amplifiers are shipping with the TLE2082CP amplifier chip - a JFET input IC which has surprised me over the whole range of my headphones. If you are into rolling your own opamps I strongly suggest you give this a go.

This is just the beginning for this amplifier design. Coming up you will see wall powered/charging amplifiers and multiple battery units becoming available,as well as other options to do with the power supply configuration and bandwidth capping.

If you'd like to know more just let me know!



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  1. Mandeep

    Having recently bought a rechargeable headphone amp off Tom, I can say for the price and size it is a very nice sounding product and is very well made.

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