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New amplifier PCB's!

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They are here!



These are my new amplifier boards manufactured by Ragworm here in the UK. I have been designing and prototyping this over the last few months and I'm really happy with the results. So are my ears!

When I designed my last portable amplifier I was fresh out of university and was eager to get going with my first product. While the amplifier I made was good in the ears, I had made some design faux pas - most were either minor or could be solved on board when needed. Others like the lack of a ground plane(!!) were things that had to be implemented in the next one.

The circuit design is still a CMoy amplifier like my previous amplifiers, however there are a few changes and additions that make it a much more capable amplifier and product:

  • Bandwidth limiting capacitors added in the feedback loop (optional)
  • Much harder wearing 3.5 mm TRS sockets mounted on board
  • Addition of a ground plane
  • Two TLE2426 virtual ground IC's can be paralleled if wanted - only one was available previously
  • On board NiMH battery recharge (optional)
  • On board LDO Voltage regulator for desktop applications
  • 2x 9 V batteries can be used in series or in parallel for longer listening time or higher operating Voltage
  • Much larger electrolytic capacitor banks

Let's just say I read chaper 17 of TI's 'Op Amp's For Everyone' a LOT.




Units will be available in the next week.


Happy listening!



P.S. #AskewLabsGroupBuy was not completed because I knew this amplifier was on its way. There will be a new group buy with this design.

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